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Phil Collins: ‘I was annoying – I know!’

Phil Collins is aware of how much he annoyed people during the ’80s but insists he was only “having fun”.
The British performer is an accomplished singer and drummer, boasting a successful solo career as well as fronting band Genesis. During a chat with Entertainment Weekly, Phil was reminded of his constant presence throughout the ’80s. The rocker now readily admits his behaviour may have come across as annoying.
“I realise now that my omnipresence p**sed a lot of people off,” he grinned to the publication. “I realise that me being everywhere, and obviously leapfrogging projects between Genesis and myself, meant that I was in your face all the time. I was only having fun. I was just taking advantage of the opportunities that came my way.”
He then jokingly apologised to the publication, who previously posted a review with the line: “I’m sure even Phil Collins knows that we’re all weary of Phil Collins.”
The star is still going strong at 65, despite some health issues over the years such as temporarily losing his hearing in his left ear and dislocating a vertebrate in his neck. He’s taken them all in his stride though and doesn’t let his pitfalls hold him back.
“Yes, I’ve had my fair share (of health problems),” he nodded. “I mean, up to 2011 I don’t think I’d ever been in hospital. But I seem to have spent an awful lot of time there (since). I had back surgery just last year and broke my foot a couple of times because I fell after the back surgery. But I’m in good shape, apart from that.
“During the Genesis reunion tour (in 2007) something happened nerve-wise, and it b**gered up my left arm. It’s better now, but it’s still not anywhere near what it should be.”

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