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Pink regrets using heaps of profanities on new album

Pop star Pink regrets swearing so much in the tracks on her new album, because now her young daughter can’t listen to it.
The Trouble singer didn’t realise the songs on Beautiful Trauma were littered with expletives as she recorded the album, blaming anxieties as a mum for her potty mouth in the studio, and when she first played the finished project to her daughter Willow, she realised it wasn’t kid friendly.
“I went nuts and I didn’t realise it until I played it, and she was there,” Pink told Channing Tatum during an appearance on U.S. show Jimmy Kimmel Live, which the Magic Mike star was hosting on Wednesday night (01Nov17). “I was like, ‘Oh my God, what happened. It’s like Tourettes (syndrome) for the ‘f**k’ word.”
The singer and the guest host then turned the airwaves blue by using the F-word in a string of sentences.
Pink also admitted her daughter has started using the expletive, but Pink knows her husband Carey Hart is to blame, because little Willow uses it to curse just like daddy.
“I don’t think she’s ever done one of mine,” she said.

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