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Pitt and Hill staged prank war on Moneyball set

The Superbad star and Pitt became pals while making the baseball movie together last year (10), and Hill confesses the two spent much of their time playing practical jokes on one another.

During an appearance on U.S. programme The Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday (20Sep11), Hill recalled, “We had these golf carts… We would drive these golf carts all around and smash into each other and it was really fun and stupid… I got my own golf cart, just for me… and he would mess with it.

“I would walk outside and there would be no wheels on it; it would be on cinder blocks. And then one day I’d come out… and it would be on its head, be completely upside down.

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“So his assistant came up to me and was like, ‘You got to get Brad back, you’re looking like a wuss right now’… So I had my friend, that’s an artist, make this funny thing (sign) to put on his golf cart.”

Hill then proudly displayed a photo of the graphic to the audience – a sign featuring a hunky Pitt and the words ‘Super Hot Guy On Board’.

Hill continued, “Then he shrink wrapped my golf cart bright pink… (And then) he starts messing with my actual car. So I’m driving home and a friend of mine is driving behind me, just by chance. And he goes, ‘Jonah you should pull over.’ And I go, ‘Why?’ And he goes, ‘There is a bright, neon-pink fake male genitalia hanging from the back of your car.’ And so I have to go under the car, I got grease all over me, and I’m untying it. And I get an email from Brad that says, ‘How was the ride home?’

“And so what I did was, I thought I’d vandalise his car a little bit for his ride home. So I wrote this on his car (showing a photo), it says ‘Brad Pitt’ with an arrow pointing up to the windows. So while he’s driving home… people will notice (it’s him)… So what he did was… he had it (my golf cart) rigged by little Brad Pitt elves while we were doing a scene, and he has it rigged so every time I turn (it) on… it blasts (Wham! song) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, full-volume, on loop, that can never be turned off.”

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