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Plain Pike was mistaken for a boy

The former Bond girl is famous for her killer looks and blonde hair, but reveals she wasn’t always attractive, with many passers-by thinking she was male.

However, Pike insists being a plain child stopped her from feeling the same pressures as her pretty peers – and blames all her insecurities on being branded beautiful in her late teens.

She tells Britain’s Style magazine, “I was probably an intelligent, interested child who was not pretty, but was probably quite funny looking and often mistaken for a boy. My mother would be asked what ‘his’ name was, even when I was over one.

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“I wasn’t aware of myself as feminine till much older, maybe 16. I remember being at the National Youth Theatre, standing at the top of the stairs waiting for a date, and him saying, ‘Hi sexy.’ I did the cliched thing of looking over my shoulder.

“It was liberating. I don’t think many girls can grow up like that now. It was a freedom from pressure. There were always other girls who were the pretty ones. I had an innocence. It was only when somebody first labelled me beautiful that I got any insecurities. As long as there was no pressure to be pretty, I was totally free.”

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