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Police believe Chasen murder was botched burglary

At a press conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday (08Dec10), Sergeant Michael Publicker of the Beverly Hills Police Department told reporters officials investigating the death believed desperate Harold Martin Smith killed the PR guru last month (Nov10) after she refused to hand over her belongings when he waved down her car as she drove home from a film premiere party.

Police also believe Smith, who had a long criminal record, acted alone and may have shot the publicist while riding a bike.

Sgt. Publicker says, “It was a random act of violence, more a robbery gone bad.”

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Police have not confirmed if Smith was the man who shot himself dead as cops approached him in the lobby of the Harvey Apartments in Los Angeles on 1 December (10).

That unidentified man had reportedly bragged about murdering Chasen for a $10,000 (£6,660) fee.

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