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Princess Diana blockbuster planned

Producer Stephen Evans, who worked on the 1994 historical hit, as well as period pieces Twelfth Night and The Wings of the Dove, has set his sights on creating the first feature film about the beloved late royal since her death in 1997.

The $50 million (£31.2 million) movie will focus on the time leading up to the princess’ divorce from the heir to the British throne in 1996, according to Britain’s Guardian newspaper.

Crime novelist Philip Kerr is onboard to write the script and Princess Diana’s former private secretary and head of security have been hired to make sure the screenplay is authentic.

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And Evans is adamant the movie will be a hit, saying, “What is quite clear is that her life was an amazing life.

“She was a wagonload of monkeys (mischievous) but she was also an amazing, fascinating, ballsy woman. You don’t often get a movie like this where you know, that if you can make it work, it is bomb proof.”

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