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Priscilla Presley spied on teenage daughter

The former Dallas star split from her husband Elvis Presley in 1972, and they agreed to allow Lisa Marie to divide her time between his Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee and her base in Beverly Hills, California.

Presley later realised her daughter’s life was spiralling out of control during her teen years – and in a desperate bid to help her, the actress would leaf through Lisa Marie’s address book, follow her at night, and gatecrash parties to find the youngster.

She tells The Sunday Times Magazine, “I knew she was getting in with the wrong crowd. Drugs were prevalent. Underage drinking. I was so fearful that I used to follow her when she went out at night… I used to drive her to school, just to make sure she was actually going to school.

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“If I didn’t know where she was, I would go through her address book until I found which party she was at and then I would go down there and bring her home. She pushed all the wrong buttons, and, my gosh, she pushed them so damned hard.”

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