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Priyanka Chopra: ‘I’ll never take a boyfriend to a red carpet event’

Former Miss World-turned-movie star Priyanka Chopra will never show up to a film premiere with a boyfriend because she doesn’t like to mix business with pleasure.
The actress was recently linked to Nick Jonas when they arrived at the Met Gala in New York together, but she insists they were simply sitting at the same table.
And now she’s giving the media fair warning not to link her romantically with anyone on a red carpet, because that’s the last place she’ll be seen with a lover.
“I’ve never taken guys to a (red) carpet,” she tells Access Hollywood Live. “I’m not someone who needs that. I like a red carpet being mine, it’s about me and I want to be known for my work, so if I take a guy to a carpet, it’s probably just like friends.”
She’s still amazed by all the fuss created by her Met Gala arrival with Jonas, who she has only met twice in her life.
“It’s so silly,” she giggles. “You talk to somebody for 10 minutes and you’re having babies with them.”

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