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Priyanka Chopra stole clothes from a department store

Priyanka Chopra once landed in big trouble for stealing clothes from a department store.
The Indian beauty was a fashion-loving teen, living in America with her aunt at the time.
“It was just in my bag when I walked out of a store and then it was on my back the next day,” the actress tells InStyle magazine’s new Dirty Laundry video series.
“I was living with my aunt at the time and she found out and got really livid.”
Pretty Priyanka insists she’s no kleptomaniac, but she was dishonest about another store-purchased product after a boyfriend invited her to his junior prom.
“I couldn’t afford dresses because it was not supposed to be my year to go to the prom,” she giggles. “I went to Macy’s, picked out a dress and promptly returned it the next day.”
And she also kept an ex-boyfriend’s hooded Dolce & Gabbana jacket, which has now become one of her favourite clothing items.
“It kinda became mine,” the Baywatch star says. “He (ex-boyfriend) asked for it back and I said no. That’s what happens in relationships. Sorry!
“I’m always wearing it at an airport, because it’s so comfortable.”

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