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Procol Harum frontman wants sweet deal with Ricola

Procol Harum star Gary Brooker has thanked Ricola Swiss Herbal Sweets in the liner notes of his band’s new album in the hope of landing an endorsement deal.
The A Whiter Shade of Pale singer’s Swiss wife turned him onto the lozenges years ago and now he never goes onstage to perform without a supply. He’s so fond of the sweets he has thanked the company behind them on his new release, Novum.
“You do not want to get a dry throat and I find that these original Ricola herbal sweets with no sugar… I’ve always got one going,” he tells WENN. “People get sponsored by Yamaha or Gibson guitars… I need to be sponsored by Ricola… I never go onstage without a Ricola.
“I’ve been sucking them since they used to have sugar in them and my dentist used to ask, ‘Do you eat sweets?'”

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