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Prosecutors reviewing Salma Hayek dog case

Prosecutors in Washington state have decided to review the accidental death of Salma Hayek’s beloved dog.
The Mexican beauty was left devastated last month (Feb16) after her nine-year-old German Shepherd-mix dog Mozart was found dead at her ranch in the small town of Yelm, with “a shot close to his heart”.
On Monday (29Feb16), Officials at the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Salma’s neighbour had used a pellet gun to scare the actress’ dogs away from his property, since they had been fighting with his own pets in his garage.
The unnamed man insisted he had no intention of killing any of the animals, and police officials agreed that the shooting was justified and not a violation of the law, as Mozart was trespassing and harassing the neighbour’s canines.
Per Washington law, first-degree animal cruelty is defined as “killing an animal by a means causing undue suffering or while manifesting an extreme indifference to life”.
In Salma’s first Instagram post mourning the loss of her pet, she wrote, “he didn’t deserve a slow and painful death,” suggesting Mozart did suffer from the shot.
Now, county prosecutors are reviewing the case, which means charges aren’t out of the question.
On Tuesday (01Mar16), Hayek took to Instagram again to show her gratitude for the outpouring of support from her fans during the difficult time.
“I am very moved by all your stories you have shared with me in regards of Mozart’s death,” she wrote. “I am trying to figure out a way to use technology so we can have a chat and share my feelings with you.”

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