Protest planned over Spector movie

Al Pacino is stepping into the role of the incarcerated music producer for David Mamet’s upcoming film, but the playwright sparked speculation it will be a sympathetic portrayal of Spector after recently insisting the music mogul should not have been jailed.

A close pal of Clarkson, media executive Edward Lozzi, has written to Mamet demanding to know how the late actress will be depicted in the HBO movie – and he wants to urge industry bosses to ban the film from award nominations.

Lozzi is angry after Mamet claimed there is “reasonable doubt” over Spector’s conviction, and he tells, “Is that the way it’s going to be portrayed? That means automatically he is going to portray Lana Clarkson as being responsible for her own death… (If he does), we intend to put a campaign on with the Academy members to make sure there are no Emmy nominations for a motion picture that’s a lie and hurts people who are alive today.”

He also revealed he’s written a letter to Mamet, asking: “Will you portray her as the loving beautiful actress and comedian she was…? Or will you go the low road as did ‘Team Spector,’ portraying her as a casting couch dope-whore hell bent on picking up Spector for kicks and then blowing her brains out in his back doorway, depressed about turning 40?”

Lozzi insists Mamet has not responded to the note.