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Protester accuses Tony Blair of war crimes

Blair was giving evidence to the Leveson Inquiry into press standards when an unidentified man burst into the chamber via a secure corridor and launched a 15-second rant at the former politician.

He accused Blair of having suspicious links to banking giant J.P. Morgan in the wake of the Iraq invasion in 2003 and shouted, “This man should be arrested for war crimes… This man is a war criminal.”

After security staff dragged the man away, the hearing’s chairman Lord Justice Leveson apologised to Blair for the interruption and demanded an “immediate investigation” into the incident.

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Blair then responded, “Can I just say actually, on the record – what he said about Iraq and J.P. Morgan is completely and totally untrue. I’ve never had a discussion with them about that.”

The day failed to improve for the former British leader – his car was later pelted with eggs as he left the hearing.

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