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Protesters invade red carpet at Italian film festival

The actresses were forced to use a side entrance for the opening celebrations after approximately 2,000 demonstrators invaded the event on Thursday (28Oct10).

Screenwriters, actors and directors carried banners and marched together against the government’s decision to cut its art budget.

The Last Night screening began almost two hours late but director Massy Tadjedin backed the Italians, insisting, “We are pleased to renounce the red carpet and support you.”

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Rain Man actress Valeria Golino, one of the Italian stars who joined the cause, claims workers had no choice but to protest.

She says, “The government disrespects our industry, which means culture, entertainment. They disrespect the people who work in the industry – it would be enough to protest about that. They call us names, that would be enough to protest. But that’s not (the) only (thing) – they’ve cut our funds for (the) film industry. They’ve cut tax shelter, tax credit, which was our only hope for independent movies to be made. It’s a farce.”

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