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Quaid in talks to support Sheen in Vancouver

The Brokeback Mountain star, who fled America for Canada with his wife amid a legal tussle last year (10), performed with his lawyer John Shewfelt’s band The Fugitives at the Rio Theater in his adopted Vancouver on Friday night (22Mar11) and he may repeat the show at the city’s Rogers Arena when Sheen arrives with his Torpedo of Truth tour, according to CNN.com.

Quaid performed three self-penned songs, including Star Whackers and Mr. D.A. Man, during his sold out show at the Rio on Friday, which was part of a screening of his wife Evi’s arthouse film, also called Star Whackers.

The film and the song detail the couple’s claims that their recent legal problems in California and Texas were brought about by people trying to destroy them.

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Quaid called them “star whackers” outside an immigration hearing last year (10).

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