Quentin Tarantino keeps film sets loose with regular cocktail parties

Quentin Tarantino hosts an on-set cocktail party every time he shoots 100 rolls of film.
The moviemaker likes to keep things loose and fun on his sets and so he celebrates every little movie milestone.
“This is our lives and as important as it is to try to do movies that we care about, just as important is the experience of making the movie,” he tells WENN. “This is our lives so if we’re gonna dedicate months, some cases years to something, then we owe it to ourselves to enjoy it and have a great time. Everybody on the set, this is their lives so let’s live it.
“We have a little mantra that me and the crew have been doing for a long time, where we say, ‘OK, we got it but we’re gonna do one more! And why are we gonna do one more?’ And the whole crew screams out, ‘Because we love making movies!'”
Brad Pitt, the star of the director’s latest movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, adds, “And by the way everyone does it with no embarrassment. Everyone’s in.”
And Brad’s co-star Margot Robbie admits making a film with Tarantino is a lot of fun: “We stop every hundred rolls of film and celebrate with a drink and have a little party. No one else does that.”