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R.E.M.: ‘We’re too old to do a reunion tour’

R.E.M. have ruled out returning for a reunion tour as they don’t think they could cope with performing every night anymore.
Bandmates Michael Stipe, Mike Mills and Peter Buck amicably split in 2011, but have reunited to promote a 25th anniversary reissue of their beloved 1992 album Automatic for the People.
However, bassist Mills has insisted the group won’t be staging a full reunion, as attending a recent U2 concert convinced him he’s too old to perform every night.
“I went to see U2 not so long ago,” he told British newspaper The Times. “For the first two songs I thought, ‘Man, it could be me up there.’ Then about halfway through I thought, ‘But I’d have to do it all over the following night.’ And by the end of the concert I thought, ‘Thank God I’m not doing it any more.’
“There’s a physical reality to being in a hugely successful band. When you’re young it’s one big party, but at some point the party aspect must diminish or you won’t survive.”
Buck agreed, adding, “I’m a don’t-look-back guy. We finished at the right time and left a handful of albums I’m proud of. Now it feels like another life.”
Frontman Stipe admitted that being in the band was hard work, but the Shiny Happy People singer says the group managed to avoid falling out like many successful groups.
“We worked hard and toured our a*ses off. We had Shiny Happy People and Stand, not songs I would want sent off on a rocket ship to represent mankind, but I’m glad we wrote them.
“We stopped egos from running rampant, pulling each other up when we were down, and down when we were up. We were friends who created something together.”

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