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R. Kelly denies ridiculing autistic fan

R. Kelly has defended himself following accusations he made fun of an autistic fan.
The R&B star recently posted a video on Instagram which showed him meeting fan Lenny Felix, 27, as he was leaving a nightclub in Hollywood in the early hours of the morning.
In the footage, which has since been deleted, the singer reportedly coaxed Felix into singing his hit I Believe I Can Fly before Kelly looked into the camera and jokingly sang, “I believe that you high … smoking on that (painkiller) Percocet” and then burst into laughter with his pals.
Felix’s family has since told TMZ.com they think he was victimised and have met with an attorney, and Felix’s reaction to the clip was, “I don’t want him to think I’m dumb. Do you think he was making fun of me?”
The singer has now addressed the accusation in an Instagram video, insisting he didn’t know Felix had autism, he thought he was drunk.
“Now people want to say I’m making fun of people with autism. Totally not true,” he said. “There was a guy coming up to me like a fan, didn’t seem like he had autism to me at all and I apologise to him if he did, but he appeared drunk to me and was singing my songs and security had to get him up off me a couple of times because he was coming a little bit too close, but it was all good.”
He says they were all having a good time and it felt like a “positive experience” before claiming everything he does is twisted to make him look bad.
“Seriously, I can’t do anything without people saying something negative about me,” he continued. “It’s just too much, guys. Let me do my work. It’s obviously people trying to blackball me and destroy my career, I understand that.”

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