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Radcliffe agrees with fans’ calls to keep swearing in final film

For a decade the beloved British actress has played Ron Weasley’s kind-hearted mum, a character who provides a supportive shoulder for Radcliffe’s orphan wizard Potter.

But in the final episode, fans will see her fight for her life against Helena Bonham Carter’s maniacal witch Bellatrix Lestrange during the final battle between good and evil wizards, and in J.K. Rowling’s last book, the character famously calls Lestrange a “bitch”.

Film bosses were unsure whether to keep the curse in the kids’ movie, but Radcliffe has agreed with fans’ demands to leave it in the script – despite being vehemently against any swearing appearing in the franchise.

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He tells Britain’s Empire magazine, “I’ve always been very against any swearing in these films and I don’t know why because I swear much more than I should in real life. But if the, ‘Not my daughter, you bitch’ line is in the book, then that’s fine.”

Walters adds, “She (Mrs Weasley) has one of the most famous lines in the books. Everyone wrote to me and said, ‘I hope they’re not going to take that out, are they!?”

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