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Radcliffe stars with real-life godson in The Woman in Black

The Harry Potter star, who plays a young single father in the film, struggled to connect with a number of child actors auditioning for the role of his son, Joseph Kipps, so he bypassed the gruelling process and recruited Misha Handley for the part.

He tells the Associated Press, “It is very hard to create that chemistry with a four-year-old boy, who you have never met before and who is stepping onto a film set going, ‘What in the hell is all of this?’ That was one of the reasons that I suggested James (Watkins) audition my real-life godson who… He was great and is great in the film.”

And Radcliffe insists the talented young toddler might have a blossoming career ahead of him.

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He adds, “At the time when we were filming, I was so obsessed with him having a good time and making sure he wasn’t cold or wasn’t freaking out that I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that he is actually quite a good little actor.”

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