Rapper Fat Joe collecting supplies for Hurricane Maria victims

Rapper Fat Joe is organising a drive to collect supplies for the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
The Lean Back hitmaker, who has family on the Caribbean island which was left decimated by the Category 4 storm last week (ends22Sep17), will perform at the Tidal X benefit concert in October (17), and he is putting together his own relief efforts – but he has already started helping those in need.
“I already started locally by purchasing containers,” he tells Billboard.com. “We’re going to do a big food and battery drive in the Bronx… After we collect everything, we will send it over there in containers.
“We’re rebuilding Puerto Rico. I’m trying to do it from a local level and (expand to an even) bigger level. I’m working on so many scenarios right now.”
Fat Joe has many fond memories of the time he has spent on the island and he hopes those in need will be able to rebuild their homes and business.
“Every time I’ve been to the island, it has been special for me – especially Christmas time,” he adds. “Going to everybody’s house, knocking on everybody’s door to wake them up. They cook for you, then you go to the next person’s house. That’s probably the most fun experience. That’s my roots, that is where my family comes from.
“I’m going to do everything we can do to help the people of Puerto Rico. Now, and not just a couple of months from now. Years from now we are going to help Puerto Rico. This is going to be a long process.”