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Rapper T.I. slams the war on drugs

Rapper T.I. has opened up about the devastating affects America’s war on drugs has had on his family and friends.
The Live Your Life star appeared on a recent instalment of Why I Vote and revealed it was difficult for him when his uncle was sentenced to 10 years on conspiracy for the distribution of cocaine.
“It was unreal to me,” he says. “That was the only person who took some real time to kind of mold me as a man. When he went away, it was ridiculous.”
The 36-year-old also raised concerns about how drugs like crack cocaine were introduced into African-American communities.
“Nobody just learned how to put baking soda with water in cocaine to make a cheaper version that’s more potent,” he adds. “We ain’t no damn chemists. We didn’t come up with that.”
And the rapper is dismayed by the inequality in the criminal justice when it comes to sentencing in drug cases and how it has negatively affected African-American families.
“Now here we are, two million prisoners later,” he continues.
In the segment, T.I. didn’t reveal if he would be voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in November (16), but last year (15) he hit the headlines when he said he would never vote for a female president because women are prone to making “rash decisions”.
His comments led to an outcry on social media, which prompted him to apologise.
He tweeted, “My comments about women running for president were unequivocally insensitive and wrong. I sincerely apologize to everyone I offended.”

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