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Rare Monroe and Mansfield snaps unearthed

Photographer Anton Fury paid just $2 (£1.24) for an envelope of negatives of “some chick in a bikini” at a garage sale near his home in New Jersey in 1980 and was shocked when he later examined them on a light-box and realised the woman was Monroe.

But he was so busy with work and setting up home with his new wife, he promptly forgot about his amazing haul – and only realised he had the potential goldmine earlier this year (11) while carrying out an inventory of photos and negatives at his studio.

The package contains 30 pictures of Monroe relaxing by a swimming pool, and a further 70 images of Mansfield.

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Fury tells the New York Post, “I thought it was just some chick in a bikini… (Later) I was like ‘Oh, my God, look what I found!'”

The snapper is planning to confirm he has legal ownership of the photos before putting them up for sale at auction.

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