Rashida Jones to revamp 9 to 5 movie


Rashida Jones has been recruited to revamp 1980 comedy classic 9 To 5.

The original film’s stars Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin will be involved with the new project, according to Deadline, while Patricia Resnick, who wrote the original movie, is reportedly in talks to team with Jones and create a new script.

The new film will center upon three women, who seek out the advice of the movie’s original characters on how to get their own back on a sexist boss.

Parton, Fonda, and Tomlin have been eager to reunite on the screen for several years with the country singer hoping to appear on the actresses’ Netflix show Grace and Frankie.

“I told them whenever I get a little block of time, I’d love to come be on the show (sic),” Parton previously said. “We always talked about a (9 to 5) reunion.”

“We’re praying, we’re hoping so,” Tomlin told talk show The View. “Jane and I are really plugging for it and we’ve finally convinced the management at Netflix. They’re very excited; they’re very turned on to it.”

The country music legend also poked fun at rumors of a 9 to 5 reboot last year (17), stating, “We better get after it. We’ll have to call it 95, not 9 to 5!”