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Ray Winstone’s drug charge causes problems with U.S. authorities

The Departed star is stopped whenever he lands on American soil and spends up to four hours sitting in a holding cell while authorities check his credentials.

The Hollywood hardman admitted he has convictions for assault but he’s convinced it’s his cannabis possession charge dating back to the mid-1970s that alerts officials.

Winstone tells London’s Time Out magazine, “When I was a kid, my first acting job away was in Torquay (in England), and everyone had a party in my room… I can’t smoke waccy baccy (cannabis), it sends me mad but everyone else was.

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“The next day they spun (checked) my room over and found a bit. Rather than my dad finding out, I said, ‘Yeah, I’m guilty’. Now I have to sit in a room in the airport in America for four hours every time I go.”

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