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Rebecca Hall ditched her no-marriage rule when she found Mr. Right

Actress Rebecca Hall’s feminist beliefs made her think twice about marriage.
The British star wed actor Morgan Spector in 2015, shortly after she split from director Sam Mendes, and she admits it was her future husband’s support and comfort during the production of Christine, in which she plays tragic real-life TV anchor Christine Chubbuck, that convinced her he was marriage material, despite previously being averse to tying the knot.
“Morgan didn’t insist, but he was like, ‘This is going to be hard, so if you want me there to cook a meal for you at the end of the day, I can be’,” she recalled to The Edit. “He prides himself on being there for people. That’s why I married him. It wasn’t long after (filming finished) that I thought, ‘Right, that’s that’.”
One of the reasons Rebecca was reluctant to say “I do” was because she was surrounded by divorce growing up, and she felt she had feminist principals to uphold.
“There’s part of me that’s like, ‘Doesn’t it (marriage) originally have to do with handing over land from one person to another?'” she explained.
Away from the camera, Rebecca, 34, keeps her private life under wraps, although she does have an Instagram account she uses to share a few snaps of her world. To ensure she doesn’t take the social media site too far, the brunette beauty keeps a note on her phone advising her on what’s appropriate and what to avoid.
The note reads: “As a public person, to some degree there is a relationship between the world and your image. And when you’re in control of it you’re an artist. But when it’s dictated by the market you’re a product, and that requires constant vigilance.”

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