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Rebel Wilson’s mother gives testimony over birth certificate

Rebel Wilson’s mother has given testimony in court over the actress’ original birth certificate. 
The Pitch Perfect star is suing bosses at magazine publisher Bauer Media for allegedly publishing defamatory articles in which they accused her of lying about her real name, age and childhood experiences.
Appearing in the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday (31May17), Rebel’s mother, Sue Bownds, testified that while the star’s original birth certificate names her as Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, she always considered “Rebel” to be her true name.
According to the Australian Associated Press, school teacher and dog handler Bownds wanted to name her daughter Rebel, after a former student who had performed at her wedding.
However, Bownds claimed that although she called her daughter Rebel for the first six weeks of her life, she eventually “bent to the pressure” from family members to use a “suitable name”.
Rebel legally changed her name to her current moniker in 2002, adopting the Wilson surname from a relative.
Bownds also shared that her second daughter was named Liberty, as she wanted to keep a “theme of freedom” within the names. Her other children are legally named Annalyse and Ryan, but it has previously been reported they go by the monikers of Annachi and Ryot, respectively.
Bownds also testified on claims relating to Rebel’s upbringing, and denied allegations in one article which claimed her family were “upper middle class”. Instead, she said that she and her husband paid for Rebel, 37, to attend a private girls’ high school with the help of her mother-in-law.
Earlier on Wednesday, the How to Be Single star finished giving evidence in the trial. She also took the opportunity to hit out at Bauer Media’s lawyer Georgina Schoff QC, saying her cross-examination had been an “exercise in trying to sling mud at me”.
The trial continues.

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