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Reiser: ‘Sitcom failed due to lack of promo’

Executives at U.S. TV network NBC cancelled Reiser’s self-titled show after just two episodes last week (ends24Apr11) due to low ratings.

The former Mad About You star insists the new series needed more advertising and admits he doubted whether it could ever succeed going up against hit TV talent show American Idol.

He tells U.S. talk show host Jay Leno, “I get a call: ‘Come back on TV, make a show for yourself, people out there miss you.’ So I came up with the show, they said, ‘Great, go make it!’ We made seven episodes and they said, ‘We’re not sure when we’ll put it on but we’re gonna put it on!’ I said, ‘As long as you have time to promote it…’ and they go, ‘Yeah, we’ll promote it.’

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“I get a call. Finally they go, ‘You’re on – starting next week. It’s a great spot. You’re opposite American Idol!’ That’s a popular show – most of America will be busy watching that show at that hour. They said, ‘No, it’ll be fine!’

“The second week doesn’t do great and Friday… they call and go, ‘We’re panicked, we’re nervous, good-bye, out! We enjoy missing you more than actually having you.’ So now they can miss me.”

But the funnyman refuses to take the cancellation personally, adding: “That’s show business. I don’t take it personally because it’s a business decision.”

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