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Resident of real-life Amityville Horror house makes documentary

Daniel Lutz was only 10 when he moved into 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York with his family in early 1976, one year after a drug addict, Robert DeFeo Jr., killed his mum, dad, and four siblings in cold blood in each of their rooms.

Lutz and his relatives vacated the home 28 days later after a series of strange occurrences, and the whole world soon learned of the spooky happenings in the biographical horror film franchise, the last of which hit U.S. theatres in 2005 and starred Ryan Reynolds.

Now Lutz, 47, has opened up about his own harrowing ordeal at the house in an upcoming film.

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Recalling his final night at the home, he tells the New York Post, “My brother and myself shared a levitation experience in our beds. We both woke up, and our headboards and footboards were smashing each other and banging off the ceiling. Mum said, ‘Go pack a bag. We’re going to Grandma’s. We’re getting out of here.'”

The untitled project does not yet have a release date.

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