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Reynolds smashed up Buried set

The actor endured panic attacks after filming lengthy scenes locked in a coffin, and found the experience particularly disturbing when director Rodrigo Cortes started shouting orders while sand was poured on top of him.

Reynolds admits he didn’t handle the situation effectively – and had to apologise to the crew after lashing out and smashing up the set.

He tells Britain’s The Times, “I had a few moments on set which I think were understandable, but I’m not proud of them. One time, I just completely lost my mind. I saw red. It was a scene in which Rodrigo was yelling directions at me from off camera, sand was pouring into the coffin… and I’m trying to fix this flashlight, and I’m talking into the cellphone… and I just lost it. I smashed everything, literally everything.

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“I spent the rest of the day apologising to everybody, because I think it really freaked them out. It was like we were all in there together, really. At the end of the shoot, I broke down sobbing: we all did.”

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