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Richard Gere compares Donald Trump to Mussolini

Film star Richard Gere believes [Donald Trump[ is the new incarnation of the Italian WWII dictator “Mussolini”.
Richard, 67, who has publicly supported President Barack Obama in the past, has joined a growing list of Hollywood stars voicing concerns over the popularity of Republican nominee Donald Trump.
Billionaire businessman Trump achieved a pivotal victory on Super Tuesday (1March16), taking him one-step closer to winning the presidential race.
The outspoken Pretty Woman actor, expressed that it was “mind-boggling” that US citizens were being duped into voting for Trump.
His controversial policies include, building a wall at the Mexican border to stop illegal immigration, bombing the hell out of ISIS and banning Muslims from entering the country.
“Here’s a guy who’s obviously Mussolini,” explained the actor to British newspaper The Evening Standard.
“How is it possible that people would be supporting this guy?… [Trump] is a demagogue, a clown… this guy who says, ‘I’m going to fix this problem for you. It doesn’t matter how, I’ll just take care of it,” he continues.
Actors Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L Jackson and Jennifer Lawrence have all expressed similar dismay at the presidential hopeful, with Jennifer calling it “The end of the world” if the business mogul makes it into office.
In a TV interview with the BBC on Thursday (03Mar16), Richard adds, “It’s disgusting, it’s hard to imagine anyone like that could be president of the United States. He’s totally ill-equipped on every level one could think about to be in a position of authority and inspiration for people so I don’t think it’s going to happen. It’s kind of everyone’s nightmare that it might.
One Hollywood star who is not particularly worried about Trump, despite being appalled by his views, is fellow actor George Clooney, who believes the American public will ultimately reject the potential Republican presidential nominee.
“He’s (Trump) just an opportunist. Now he’s a fascist; a xenophobic fascist,” George tells British newspaper The Guardian. “You can count on Americans to do the right thing after they’ve exhausted all the other possibilities.”
Away from U.S. politics, Richard is currently promoting his new film, Time Out of Mind in the U.K. The movie sees him posing as a real life down-and-out to highlight the plight of homeless people. He has toured homeless shelters in London to Glasgow, and met people living on the street.

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