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Richards perks up her day with coffee expertise

The actress used to hang out at Jitters in Illinois trying all kinds of coffees and it has led her to believe the best is Hawaiian.

She tells BlogTalkRadio.com, “I’m very spoiled with coffee. I’ve tried coffee from all over the world at my parent’s coffee shop, Jitters, that they used to own.

“They had beans from everywhere and I just have always loved Kona coffee… I actually get my Kona coffee shipped every month from Hawaii. That’s what I make at home with very elaborate espresso machines. Coffee is very good in my house.”

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But Richards has no plans to follow her folks into the cafe business – she’d like to open a boutique just like pal Lisa Rinna’s Sherman Oaks, California store Belle Gray.

Even the store’s infamous double burglary earlier this month (Oct10) hasn’t put her off.

She adds, “It’s like the store is her (Rinna’s) big closet, so how fun would that be. I’m very good friends with Lisa and she’s got impeccable taste and it’s one big closet for her so I’m quite envious of it.”

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