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Richie’s last-minute gown ideas threw Kardashian into a panic

Reality TV star Kardashian had decided on her Vera Wang wedding outfit weeks ago when Richie called her up and urged her to consider her design ideas.

She says, “I had this one vision of what I wanted my dress to look like and Nicole Richie called me and was like, ‘Oh my God, I have this vision for your gown, just hear me out… I think you should go super-classic, really kind of old Hollywood… You can’t go with something trendy and you can’t show off too much.’

“So she came over and she was like drawing out all of these things… and I completely changed what I thought I was going to go with.”

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And that led to a last minute headache for dress designer Wang, who was piecing together Kardashian’s wedding wardrobe in New York.

The socialite adds, “Vera Wang has been very patient with me. I flew out there (to New York) twice; I flew out there last week – for two hours. I spent 11 hours in the air, flying. I just needed to do it, for peace of mind.”

Kardashian will wed basketball player Kris Humphries in Montecito, California on Saturday (20Aug11).

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