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Rick Ross to be arraigned in marijuana possession case

Rapper Rick Ross will reportedly be arraigned in his marijuana possession case later this month (Mar16).
The Hustlin’ star was initially stopped by officers in Atlanta, Georgia in June (15) for a window tint violation on the Bentley he was driving, but when Ross opened his door, cops reportedly smelled marijuana and allegedly found weed among his belongings.
He was subsequently taken to Fayette County Jail, where he was booked for misdemeanour marijuana possession.
He is now due to appear in Fayette County Court on 30 March (16), when he will be arraigned, according to Bossip.com.
Ross’ arrest in June came days before he was detained on kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges stemming from a dispute with Jonathan Zamudio, a groundskeeper at his Georgia property.
The star’s lawyer, Steve Sadow, recently revealed plans for his defence, insisting Ross should be immune from criminal prosecution because the employee was committing felonies on his client’s property, giving the rapper every right to challenge Zamudio.
According to TMZ.com, Ross claims his former groundskeeper was partying with cocaine and drug paraphernalia in the guest house of his home.
Sadow is expected to make the case that Ross was “acting in self-defense and in defense of his property when he encountered trespassers.”

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