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Ricky Gervais to return to the small screen in sitcom Attached

Ricky Gervais is set to make a return to the small screen in new sitcom Attached.
The 55-year-old comedian has been keeping himself busy with stand-up tours in recent months, with his last appearance on television being in series Derek, which ended in 2014.
But now Ricky has told Britain’s The Sun newspaper that he has whittled down his options and decided to pen a sitcom about a divorcee who is forced to move in with an “absolute loser relative”.
“I had five projects which I have narrowed down to one sitcom,” he told the publication. “I have written five pages. I shouldn’t say but the idea is I get separated from my wife and I have to move in with an absolute loser relative.
“I have lost everything. I haven’t got a house, I haven’t got a job because she kept me and I was a bit of a kept man, and now I have to start dating again. It’s horrendous.
“At 55, I’ve got to start from scratch, and all I want is her back. So it’s about me trying to cope without this life-long partner and how the real world is harsh. It is going to be harsh.”
It’s a far cry from his situation in real life though as the star has been with his partner Jane Fallon for 35 years after meeting at University College London.
While Ricky’s fans are sure to be thrilled about his small screen comeback, they may have to wait a few more years. The comedian admitted he doesn’t expect it to hit screens until 2019, as he is enjoying stand-up so much right now that he’s considering doing back-to-back tours.
“Honestly, I am obsessed with stand-up now. I was thinking I might go out straight after this tour and do another one,” he mused.

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