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Rihanna crazy for fashion that ‘provokes something’ inside her

Rihanna is always searching for “new, energetic” fashion that makes her feel excited.
The 29-year-old superstar has paved a successful career in music and fashion, with collaborations for brands such as Puma, Topshop and Chopard under her belt. Always turning heads with her bold outfit choices, Rihanna admits she is never happy settling for something simple when it comes to style.
“I get bored really quickly,” she admitted to instyle.co.uk. “I have A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder), even when it comes to fashion, so I always want to find something new, energetic, something that provokes something in me that’s exciting. There’s the greats, and they’ll never not be great, but you always want to find the next.”
The Umbrella hitmaker was speaking at the 69th annual Parsons Benefit in New York earlier this week (22May17), where she also watched a fashion show from students at Parsons School of Design.
Rihanna was honoured at the prestigious event for her work in performance, design, and fostering social good. And the singer shared some inspirational words to the aspiring audience when receiving her accolade.
“You should be celebrated for your creativity, for your fearlessness, for your persistence and determination. You should be celebrated for all of the work you put into building your future, for being different, for not being given enough credit,” Rihanna praised. “My point is, we often tear our youth down when we should be building them up. At the end of the day, our future is in their hands.”
The feeling was mutual as award-winning designer Olivia LeBlanc returned the praise explaining Rihanna is always showing them “the power of philanthropy as well as fashion”.

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