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Ringo Starr invites Colombian superstar to be part of new peace anthem

Singer-songwriter Fonseca was given just a day to write and record a verse for Ringo Starr’s new song to honour his native Colombia’s peace treaty.
The singer/songwriter put down his lyrics in Spanish for the new version of Ringo’s Now the Time Has Come on Wednesday (28Sep16) after the former Beatles star personally asked him to get involved with the record, which will be available to download from Friday (30Sep16).
“This has been very exciting,” Fonseca tells The Associated Press. “First, getting an invitation from Ringo Starr’s people was a surprise, and to see that he also wants to join the peace process in Colombia with a song about hope, as a Colombian and as a musician, this is a privilege.”
The Latin Grammy winner reveals he recorded his verse at his home studio in a few hours and sent it to Bruce Sugar, Ringo Starr’s longtime producer, who also co-authored the peace anthem.
“I spoke to Bruce over the phone and he told me he loved what he received,” Fonseca adds.
Starr and Sugar originally created the track for the United Nation’s International Peace Day on 21 September (16), but the new peace agreement in Colombia made them rethink the tune. The peace treaty puts an end to five decades of conflict. A referendum on the deal is expected to pass on Sunday (02Oct16).

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