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Rita Ora still suffering sleepless nights after 2015 break-in

Rita Ora is still struggling to get a good night’s sleep after a 2015 break-in at her home.
An intruder made it into the London home she shares with her sister Elena while they slept, and swiped over $258,000 (£200,000) worth of personal possessions.
The robbery drove the Poison singer to seek therapy as she attempted to deal with the invasion of privacy, which could have been so much worse, and now in an exclusive chat with The Sun’s Bizarre Life podcast, Rita reveals she’s still haunted by the fact she had an unwelcome visitor in her home.
“It still affects me, even today, going to sleep and things like that because just knowing that there was a stranger in your home is never really a nice feeling,” she says.
“It was harder for my sister also because she had the actual face-to-face encounter with the robber, so it was difficult to get over that and we did the court cases and things…, which was really scary.
“It was awful and you’re in a home that you’ve made yourself that you now know isn’t safe, so I’ve definitely upped my security about 200 per cent.”
The burglar, Charaf Elmouudden, was jailed for five years in June (16), and Rita admits talking about the break-in lately has been a big help.
“It’s helped me actually talking about it to be honest, to kind of like get the scariness away from it,” she adds.

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