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Rivers Cuomo relies on tinted lenses and app to minimise jetlag

Weezer star Rivers Cuomo swears by the use of a new app and oversized orange-tinted lenses to help him avoid becoming jet-lagged whenever he’s on the road.
The singer claims the scientific approach to combating flight fatigue has completely transformed his life for the better, particularly when he and the rock band are on tour.
Cuomo, 47, recently wore the wraparound orange shades as he sat down for an interview with Vulture.com, and explained how it all worked.
“This is for jet lag,” he shared. “It blocks blue light. So, right now, my brain thinks I’m in Hawaii, which counteracts the fact that I just came from London, which will help me adjust to L.A. (Los Angeles) more quickly, which is where I’m going tomorrow.”
The shades are used together with an app called Entrain, which tells travellers when they need to wear the tinted lenses to help their bodies adjust to time changes.
“You put in where you are, where you’re going, and what time you want to wake up, and it tells you when you should put on your orange glasses, and when you should shine this insane blue light in your face,” Cuomo said. “Some girl at the University of Michigan made it. I use it religiously.”
The Beverly Hills hitmaker also relies on electrolyte supplements to prevent him from becoming dehydrated.
“These are called Nuun tablets,” he revealed, as he pointed to his water bottle filled with a light pink fluid. “It’s electrolytes and a tiny bit a flavour and a tiny bit of sugar. It just helps me drink an insane amount of water.”
He continued, “If you’re flying a lot or you’re in dry hotel rooms and you’re a singer… doctors and voice doctors always tell me, ‘Drink a lot of water.’ If it’s just plain water, I have a hard time drinking a lot of it. I feel like, ‘I’m sick of this.’ With the electrolytes, it’s just kind of like breathing. You just keep going.”

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