Rob Lowe has Personalized Skincare Line


Actor Rob Lowe has developed a top secret skincare line to help keep himself and his friends looking youthful.

The actor came up with Profile years ago and pals were so impressed they asked him to send some product their way.

“There are certain basics and you can’t expect to hold onto what you’ve got,” he tells WENN. “I do that with this product.”

But Rob wishes he could figure out what it is that makes young people look old and pensioners look young.

“We all see kids just out of college and they just seem beaten up and old before their time,” he explains.

“We’ve also met 90-year-olds where you can’t imagine they’re anywhere near that. There’s some inside spiritual point of view game.”

The former The West Wing star is working on his own spiritual wellbeing and he’s using Sir Elton John as his role model.

“I just hosted Elton John’s 70th birthday party and I’ve known Elton for a long, long time,” he adds.

“When you sit with him he knows everything about everything. There is no detail too small, no pop culture person, no news item, no event he doesn’t know about.

“In the middle of his 70th birthday he gave a condolence to me on the loss of one of my friends that had happened two weeks before (sic). To me what that is, is participating in life down to its smallest detail.”

He wishes more pals were like Sir Elton.

“I have other famous friends who don’t know who anybody is,” he adds. “That’s not a good way to be.”

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