Rob Lowe: ‘I refused to sing Footloose karaoke duet with Loggins’

Kevin Bacon took on the leading role when an injury forced Lowe to limp out of auditions for the hit movie musical, and the St. Elmo’s Fire star still winces whenever anyone mentions Footloose.

And that almost cost him a dream duet with Loggins at a party last month (Dec12) – after performances from former tennis ace John McEnroe and Oscars host Seth McFarlane.

He explains, “It was a highfalutin Hollywood soiree and there was a high-level karaoke… and Kenny Loggins was there and asked me to sing a duet. He wanted me to do Footloose with him.

“Years ago I auditioned for Footloose and I blew out my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), so I have post-traumatic stress with anything having to do with Footloose. I was like, ‘I won’t do anything with that damn movie, but I’ll do Danger Zone from Top Gun.'”

He quickly learned that Loggins feels the same way about that song as he does about Footloose – because the lyrics are dreadful.

Lowe adds, “He told me a great story… Giorgio Moroder, the big producer, didn’t wanna share lyric credit or pay any money, so he gave the engineer $10… to write the lyrics. Absolutely true story.”

But the odd couple stepped up to the microphone to belt out the song anyway. Lowe says, “I was stuck with the c**p lyrics.”