Rob Lowe Auditioned in Drag for ‘To Wong Foo,’ But Still Didn’t Get the Part

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Rob Lowe missed out on a role in cult classic To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar even though he turned up to audition in a dress, full makeup and with his legs shaved.

The actor was so desperate to land a part in Beeban Kidron’s 1995 drag-artist comedy, he went all out for the screen test.

“I shaved my legs, wore a dress with amazing make-up and a red-headed wig,” he tells WENN. “I looked like Jane Fonda in The China Syndrome for a movie I wanted to do and it ended up being horrible. I did not get the part.

“I’m surprised it didn’t do so well with an amazing title as that! I lost that part to Patrick Swayze.”

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Lowe also missed out on the lead in Footloose after “blowing out my knee in the dance auditions”, but one other awful screen test worked out just fine, when he showed up intoxicated.


“I showed up drunk to my first St. Elmo’s Fire meeting with (director) Joel Schumacher with a six-pack (of beer), because he didn’t think I was edgy enough – and I got the part,” he recalls.

His luck has changed in recent years and nowadays he rarely gets turned down for roles. In fact he has discovered he can dream them up.

Rob’s new show, The Lowe Files, was a concept he “dreamed up” as a project for himself and his sons.
The Lowe boys visited America’s creepiest sites and went hunting for aliens and Big Foot as part of the upcoming TV series.

Lowe admits the idea for the show came from years of telling his sons creepy campfire stories.

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