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Rob Lowe still recovering from first Cary Grant meeting

Rob Lowe watched his TV debut with movie great Cary Grant.
The actor was friends with Grant’s daughter and when he landed his first break on television, the late icon invited him round for a screening.
“I met Cary Grant but I was such a young, punk actor and so not knowledgeable about film yet, and all I knew was Cary Granite from The Flintstones,” Rob recalled during an appearance on U.S. late-night show Conan.
“I was kinda like, ‘Who’s this crazy old man?’ I was just trying to bang his daughter…! We were in middle school together and so I went to the house to meet Cary Grant and he showed up at the door in a white bathrobe… He was so nice and so charming.”
But then Rob sat down with the family to watch his TV debut: “My very first thing ever on television was going to air that day and we all watched it together, so the first time I ever saw myself on TV was with Cary Grant.”
Open to advice from a master actor, Rob listened carefully as Cary told him never to eat a hot dog at a function – because he didn’t want to appear in a photograph with his mouth full of food.

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