Rob Lowe surfs to stay sober

Rob Lowe catches waves on his surfboard to maintain his decades-long sobriety.
The actor turned his back on booze and drugs when he was 26 years old, around the time his huge movie hit St. Elmo’s Fire was released in 1985, and he has managed to stay away from his former vices for over 30 years, thanks in part to his love of surfing.
“It became an outlet for all of the tension, stresses, compulsivity. I funnelled the addiction, frankly, into that,” the 54 year old explains to Men’s Health magazine, noting that trying to catch a wave is similar to the high he chased as an addict.
“You’re always chasing a high that you’re probably not going to ever repeat,” Lowe adds. “Conditions change, so no waves ever just stay the same. Nothing can ever stay the same. Nothing.”
Rob, an old-school screen hunk who famously grabbed headlines in 2015 for proclaiming on social media he was in love with “dad bods” – the bodies of older men – admits his sobriety is also supported by another major factor, his desire to look good.
“Men deny having vanity – that’s the greatest vanity. Not me. I’m vain as f**k,” he shares.
Although riding waves is his preferred way of working out, Rob takes on more traditional exercise routines too, but he prefers to exercise in silence.
“I like the forced mental solitude of it,” he explains of breaking a sweat without blasting music. “Inevitably, it will force you to start working through things you’re not going to if you’re listening to JAY-Z.”