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Robbie Williams candid about squashing wife’s dream TV role

Pop star Robbie Williams made his wife give up a dream TV role in America so their romance could have a serious shot.
In a candid new interview with The Sun, the former Take That star reveals Ayda Field gave up her career for him, and now he’s thrilled she’s becoming a big TV star in his native Britain.
“I kind of took Ayda hostage,” Robbie smiles. “I kidnapped her and took her away from her career. I needed her with me, and that was how it was going to work.”
And that meant the former Days of Our Lives star had to turn down a role in a U.S. TV show.
“I was like, ‘Look, we’re going to England and I want you to come with me. This won’t work’. And for the last nine years she’s kind of been my dressing room b**ch. Now I’m her dressing room b**ch.”
Field wed Robbie at his home in Beverly Hills in August, 2010, and the couple is now parents to Theodora Rose, who just turned four, and Charlton Valentine, who turns two next month (Oct16).
And it’s clear the Angels singer is still smitten with his soulmate: “The biggest reason I fell in love with Ayda is because of her personality,” he gushes. “I’m incredibly proud of her and I’m not only in love with her but I really like her.
“I want her to be out there, and I want people to be experiencing what I’m experiencing, because it’s unique what she’s got… I’m like, ‘Go out there and shine, my love’.”
And he has no problems about the private things Ayda shares with viewers as a co-host on popular British TV show Loose Women, stating, “There’s nothing on there that she’s said that I’m embarrassed about.
“I’m sure there’d be things that other people would be embarrassed about but we’re very much over-sharers. I’ve always been, she is too… There are no secrets.”

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