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Robbie Williams upset Jimmy Page planning feud delayed family’s move

Robbie Williams is upset a feud over building works with rocker Jimmy Page has delayed his family moving into their new home.
The former Take That star won his long-running battle with the Led Zeppelin guitarist’s over renovations to his new $22.7 million (£17.5 million) London mansion when in July last year (15) the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea planning committee approved his building plans.
Jimmy, who lives in an historic property next door, hired structural experts to back up his complaints to the council that vibrations from the work would affect his home, resulting in Robbie twice agreeing to scale back plans made after he bought the house in 2013.
Due to the delays the renovations are still ongoing and Robbie is unhappy his wife Ayda, 37, and their two young children, four-year-old Theodora Rose and 23-month-old Charlton Valentine, are still unable to move in.
“It’s a great story, for you guys and for me, so everybody wins,” he tells British newspaper The Sun. “Apart from us as a family, who would have liked to have been in 12 months ago but we can’t.”
However the Angels singer says the planning feud has not been all bad as he could tell friends the dispute he had with his neighbour was with a rock legend.
“I don’t know if there are any winners, necessarily,” he explains. “I do know it makes a great story and I’m really pleased, just for me in ­general for the rest of my life. I’m really pleased it’s Jimmy Page and not Jimmy the accountant.
“It’s ­actually Jimmy Page from Led ­Zeppelin and it’s a wonderful story to have in your back pocket -  about, you know, the neighbour that doesn’t want to help you out.”
Robbie adds that the battle over the plans means he will probably not become good friends with Jimmy, despite once holding him in awe.
“I don’t think we’re friends, no,” he says. “I don’t know Jimmy Page. We met briefly a couple of times but it was years ago, in passing, and I was in reverence of the great Jimmy Page.”
The Rock DJ singer, who recently returned to performing, with a gig at London’s The Roundhouse venue on Sunday (25Sep16), also announced he would release a new album in November (16).

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