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Robbie Williams was pleasured by mad maid

Robbie Williams had a rude awakening one morning he was renting a castle to rehearse for a tour when a maid offered to pleasure him.
The former Take That star had just woken up when, in the half light, he spotted what he thought was a cleaner at the bottom of his bed, tidying up. They exchanged awkward pleasantries and then she asked if he had “morning glory” (an erection).
Robbie confessed he did and the maid said, “I’ll w**k you off!”
“I’m a creative fellow and I’m really young; I can close my eyes and pretend it’s somebody else, so I was like, ‘Yeah, go on then!’ the pop star told U.K. chat show host Graham Norton. “She does the dirty deed… and I felt defiled, and off she went.”
Robbie later mentioned the cleaner’s odd behaviour to the castle manager, who informed the singer no maids were working that day, leading Williams to believe his early morning pleasure giver was just a fan with a feather duster who had wandered in off the street.
He found out the truth three years later while he was telling his band about the odd encounter.
“My guitarist said, ‘That’s Maureen from the pub; she said she did that but no one believed her!'”
Williams told the tale during a recent taped appearance on The Graham Norton Show as fellow guests Justin Timberlake, Daniel Radcliffe, and Anna Kendrick looked on with disgust.
When he finished, a shocked but entertained Timberlake joked, “You just s**ted on my President Obama story!”

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