Robert Lindsay: ‘Harvey Weinstein confrontation cost me Shakespeare in Love role’


British actor Robert Lindsay has alleged a confrontation with Harvey Weinstein cost him a role in Oscar-winning movie Shakespeare In Love.

Weinstein is facing sexual assault and harassment allegations made by multiple women, including Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow – a scandal that prompted Molly Ringwald to pen an essay for the New Yorker magazine detailing her own experiences of sexism in Hollywood.

Although The Breakfast Club star did not accuse the Miramax co-founder of harassment, she wrote that she and Lindsay had fallen out with Weinstein while making the 1990 movie Strike It Rich, as the disgraced movie mogul demanded script changes and she ended up having to sue his company for her pay.

On Twitter, Lindsay confirmed Ringwald’s story and wrote that confronting Weinstein had cost him a Hollywood career and a role in the producer’s 1998 Oscar winner.

In response to a fan who alerted him to his co-star’s essay, he added, “And yes she’s right and because I confronted him he basically halted my film career.”

Elaborating on Weinstein’s actions, the Divorcing Jack star explained, “#HarveyWeinstein represented everything I came to hate about movies if he owned a movie he owned everyone in it.

“When I confronted him little did I know the impact on my career Having been cast in Shakespeare in Love he told the director NO Lindsay.”

The actor wrote that he had shared his story to show how hard it is for actors to stand up to powerful Hollywood producers.

Weinstein faces police investigations on both sides of the Atlantic, with officers from London’s Metropolitan police and the New York Police Department reviewing claims made by his alleged victims.

Numerous actresses have come forward to make allegations against the shamed movie impresario, ranging from harassment to sexual assault and rape.