Robert Pattinson used his paparazzi dodging techniques in Good Time


Robert Pattinson used his old paparazzi dodging skills to get into character for Good Time.

The English actor used to be hounded by photographers and selfie-seeking fans during his Twilight heyday, but while he is able to go unnoticed these days, he harked back to those times to get into the character of Connie, who is trying to evade the authorities, in Good Time.

“I haven’t had to worry about being chased for a while,” he confessed to OK! magazine. “But I still remember being stalked by the paparazzi and I was able to channel that into my character – that feeling of being chased and wanting to hide. I started to think of all the tricks I’d use in order to get around without being recognized.”

The 31-year-old won rave reviews at the Cannes Film Festival for his performance in the new flick, in which he plays a bank robber trying to get his brother out of jail after a job goes wrong. He changed his appearance, sporting full facial hair and pockmarked skin, which helped him go unnoticed when filming on the streets of New York.

“I was worried that people might recognize me and ruin the shot or start taking their phones out,” he explained. “I was surprised (they didn’t). This is the first film where not once did anyone come up and start taking photos on their phone.”

The directors Ben and Josh Safdie wanted to shoot the movie ‘guerrilla’ style, without getting permission to film in certain locations, and Robert was a fan of the experience.

“They believe in getting right in there and making it look as real as possible,” he added. “It was kind of thrilling. We would be in the middle of the street sometimes setting up a shot or we’d shoot in the emergency room of a hospital.”

Good Time hits theaters from August (17).

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