Robin Williams to ‘Blame Canada’

Finally, some good news for Oscar. Star-crossed Academy organizers solved at least one of their headaches Friday, confirming that Robin Williams will perform the nominated (and R-rated) “South Park” ditty “Blame Canada” on the March 26 Oscar telecast.

“How it’s going to be presented is going to be a surprise of the night,” an Academy spokeswoman tells Reuters.

At first glance, the Williams move seems brilliant: What better way to encourage mild-mannered Americans (and Canadians) to sit through a song in which dear Anne Murray is deigned a “bitch,” then to enlist the fuzzy-wuzzy star of “Patch Adams” to perform it?

Williams, an Oscar-winner for 1997’s “Good Will Hunting,” comes to the gig after it was previously rejected by, yes, Anne Murray.

“Blame Canada” will be presented as part of a medley of the five best original song candidates. The other scheduled performers are: Phil Collins (doing his “Tarzan” thing, “You’ll Be in My Heart”), Aimee Mann (doing her “Magnolia” thing, “Save Me”), Randy Newman and Sarah McLachlan (doing his “Toy Story 2” thing, “When She Loved Me”) and boy-band ‘N Sync teaming with Gloria Estefan (on “Music of My Heart” from the movie of the same name).